Update: Branding Update, First Client, and More

Crooked Pool Tuesday TidbitsFirst, up, some thoughts on my branding experiment. I’ve been thinking about it, and I’m not sure The Crooked Pool resonates in the way I’d like it to. Just because I think the definition of my maiden name is cool, doesn’t mean it makes sense from a branding perspective. I don’t need to change much, since I haven’t trademarked anything at this point, but I think I’m going to move away from using The Crooked Pool as my brand name. I’ll stick with my name itself, and when I become Lisa Fitz-Coy, I’ll change my brand accordingly.

The Crooked Pool

Next, I’m excited to announce that I am working with the founder of Keep it Simple Syrup (KISS), to consult on web, digital marketing, and communications. I met Susan Martinson through my previous job at Stratford University, and I’m excited to be working with her in a more formal manner. Though I’ve volunteered and helped out various folks with a lot of projects, she’s my first official “client.”

Keep it Simple Syrup KISS

Lastly, I’m feeling ultra creative and relaxed in a newly cleaned/reorganized home office space. My fiancée and I have grand plans for improving it even more by purging more of the “stuff” we have, getting new furniture, and upgrading technology, but it’s a good start. My desk is cleaned off, and I now face the window.

Lisa Dalrymple home office


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