Three Writers I Admire

Writing- Three Writers I Admire

1. Alexandra Franzen

If I lived in Portland, I’d be attending Alexandra’s workshops and eating at her SO’s restaurant ALL THE TIME. She is the master of succinct, engaging, emotionally impactful writing. She pretty much represents everything I want out of a career and of life. If you aspire to freelance write, or just want some creative inspiration, subscribe to her e-mails and download her e-books.

2. Jewel

An unconventional choice, to be sure, but Jewel’s lyrics and poetry have influenced me tremendously. In my college poetry classes, Jewel’s A Night Without Armor was a compass that I would follow when I needed direction. I know “Pieces of You” by heart, and her songs are on the soundtrack of all of the important chapters of my life.

3. Miranda July

I recently listened to The First Bad Man on audio on the road from Virginia to Florida to participate in my sister’s wedding. It is by far her best work to date. July is also a filmmaker and artist. Her first film, Me and You and Everyone We Know is in my top three movies (along with the Star Wars saga and The Hours). Her stories are bewildering and intense, but her characters are my kindred spirits.

I haven’t been inspired to write creatively for a long while. The old spark seems to be gone. I keep waiting for some cataclysmic event to kick-start my creative endeavors again. I’m not sure what or when it will be. These days, when I force myself to write, the experience feels less cathartic than it used to.


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